Dog Crates

  Why Using A Crate Is An Invaluable Dog Training Tool Having the right dog crate when you start raising a new puppy is essential for various reasons. Some puppies do not yet know how to cope with large open spaces since they are new to the home and a […] Read more »

The Perfect Fence

  Dog Fences: The Perfect Fence For Your Dog's Backyard Paradise Regardless of how large your backyard may be, all puppies will make their best effort to try to escape. Of course this can be prevented, so long as you have a fence that is secured appropriately. And this is […] Read more »

Older Dog Ailments

  Advances in veterinary medicine have led to increased longevity for pets, but special problems still crop up in older animals, especially dogs, either as a direct or indirect result of aging. An older dog may suffer from a variety of major and minor ailments that do not normally afflict […] Read more »

Keeping Your Dog From Jumping

  Dogs want to see and interact with people face to face.  This leads to many dogs jumping in order to have that face-to-face contact.  When your dog is small, this may not be a problem, but large dogs can be intimidating when they jump, not to mention it can […] Read more »

Pet Socialization

Socializing your pet to accept new dogs into the household is not always an easy task. The dog usually has its own ideas of its territory and home and is generally not a generous creature when it come to sharing but would much rather chase the intruders away. We have […] Read more »

Mixed Breeds

  It seems like everyone's first dog was a mutt. Hard to describe, but easy to love, the mixed breed dog has held a favored spot in the hearts of children and adults alike for as long as he's been in existence. Unlike the purebred, the dog of mixed origin […] Read more »

Making Nail Clipping Less Stressful

  While a vet can and will clip your dog’s nails for you, many times you will want to save the cost and trip by doing it yourself.  Below are a couple of suggestions to make this session less stressful for both you and your dog. To clip your dog’s […] Read more »

Plan A Safe Puppy Playdate

  Puppies should be exposed to, and allowed to play with, other healthy, vaccinated puppies and dogs (as long as everyone plays nicely). Puppy playdates are a great way to let your pup socialize and learn to properly interact with its fellow canine buddies. When puppies don't interact with other […] Read more »

Leash Training 101

  Leash training your dog is much more than actually following a few steps and guidelines. It's the actual mindset of the owner that is the single most important element. Success or failure, joy or frustration – all depend on how you approach your dog's walking sessions. Start your leash […] Read more »

Kids & Puppies

  Puppies are like children in many ways. They need constant care, supervision, and a lot of affection. Having both together, your kids and your dog, especially during playtime, require extra supervision and patience. The key is to teach your child how to play with the puppy and for the […] Read more »